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Cape Barren wines are produced from vineyards particularly hand selected for their exceptional quality and consistency. Our reds are produced from the world renowned McLaren Vale region, from vines older than 45 years. These seriously old vines produce wines of supreme concentration and complexity not seen in younger vines. It is this history on which our future lies. With its picturesque and undulating terrain, and maritime climate, McLaren Vale is one of the finest regions in the world for grape-growing  especially forShiraz and Grenache. The long warm summers are cooled by afternoon sea breezes, resulting in very mild nights, and controlled ripening and flavour development.


With an all consuming passion for perfection, George Shinas draws on time honored traditions producing handcrafted wines. Shinas Estate Wines minimizes irrigation of the vineyard, which reduces cropping levels and enhances fruit quality. The fruit is left on the vines long beyond traditional periods, allowing the intense flavours that characterise the wine, to develop. In true boutique style, only the highest quality fruit is selected for harvest. Barrel aged, the Guilty, Verdict and Executioner wines have concentrated aroma of mature Berri fruits, with flavours that are rich and rewarding. The Mildura, Victoria region is fast becoming known for its Mediterranean climate, vineyards, classic wineries and great food. The Guilty Shiraz, The Verdict Cabernet Sauvignon, The Innocent Viognier, The Executioner Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon & Viognier Blend and Sweet Justice Moscato are no exception.

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