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The Balduzzi family has experince in winemaking since the 17th century. Its origin is located at Carezzano, South of the Italian Piedmont. The tradition comes from the Carolingia period, at the wealthy zone with mediterranean weather between Po, Dora and Tamaro rivers, famous lands for production of vines and wines.


In Chile the history of Balduzzi starts at the beginning of 19th century, with the arriving of Don Albano Balduzzi, who discover in the Maule Valley on exceptional weather for the winemaking, specially in San Javier, area of excellence for viticulture and wine production. Today, the leading of the company is managed by Jorge L. Balduzzi, economist, third in family generation, with deep knowledge in viticulture and oenology, being advised by a profesional and high qualified team.


Make space for the oenological creativity of chilean wines and take the adventure of generating different concepts in wines of very high end with the clear objective of toasting something surprising each time…

Top winemakers is an unprecedented creation; each wine has been developed as a different and original proposal. unique chilean wines in the world, wines which reflect a new enology based upon creativity and innovation. these wines integrate different styles and approaches, wines which are a new expression, wines which incorporate a new quality under new parameters "wines with a soul”.

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