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Dionysus Asia was established in 2010 since then we have been one of the leading wine supplier in Malaysia. In a competitive industry, dominated by big players, we have been rigorous in selecting only the finest producers that not only offer the best quality, but that also have their own unique personalities, in a very reasonable price, with each one being handpicked and having its own story to tell.

Dionysus Asia is committed to supplying restaurant, hotel and premium retail shop and as such we run our own logistics and warehousing networks with hub in Kuala Lumpur allowing us to get our fine wines to our customers faster than anyone else. Dionysus Asia we aim to meet all your needs. And this doesn't end when the crate is handed over. You will find us sincerely committed to providing you with everything you need to enable you to offer your guests  the very best.

We’re Independent


We are an independent merchant and therefore we’re free from any supplier, producer of distributor. This is our guarantee to the impartiality of our selection.


Our Ambition


Share with our passion for wines from all over the world and make you discover new producers. Every now and then we’ll surprise you by offering new products to always fill you desire for discover and stimulate your senses.

Our Mission

Our Customer is the most important person

in our business.


Our Customer is not dependent on us

we’re dependent on him.


Our Customer is not interruption of our work

he is the purpose of our work.


Our Customer does us a favor when he calls

we are not doing him a favor by serving him.


Our Customer is part of our business

not an outsider.


Our Customer is a person who brings his wants

it is our job to fill those wants.


Our Customer is deserving of the most courteous

and attentive service we can give.

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