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La Colombina – or La Colombina di Caselli Anna Maria to give its full name – is a small, three hectare estate in Castelnuovo dell’Abate, south of the town of Montalcino. It is a beautiful modern winery but nothing can compare with the view from the roof of the submerged winery – a panorama which includes the exquisite local landmark, the Abbazia di Sant’Antimo. So this is a very special place in terms of its broader setting and the care which has been lavished on the new winery. Much of it is underground, and was completed in 2006 after a nine year tussle with the authorities , partly because of the sensitivity of the site.


Thus, since 1987, a traditional mixed farm (olives, vines, pasture) has been converted into a specialised vineyard producing a range of traditional and Super Tuscan wines. The first vintage of the latter was 1998 and it and other early release wines helped to fill in the long eleven year wait – from planting to first release 

of the Brunello. And the plaudits have since rolled in – Janet and I choose to visit here because of their Brunello’s success as the equal highest rated wine in Decanter’s tasting of the 2007 vintage (Decanter, August 2012).

Simona Ceccherini – wine maker in Tuscany
Enter the gates, follow the trail through the hills immersed within the trees of the forest nurtured by the brook, to get away from the daily routine and find yourself again. Losing track of time to find your spirit anew. This is the emotional journey that Simona and Adriano envisioned when they discovered this old, forgotten plot that was inhabited by old relatives years ago. Along with their experience, they have rediscovered ancient history in this profoundly deep rooted place of country living, going back to authentic practises of recognising, respecting and cultivating nature. Maremma, Tuscany is an ideal land to find happiness and inspire us to produce great wines.

The Mediterranean climate is a genuine blessing to us. The winery in Tuscany boasts no secrets and no magic recipes. It’s the sea breeze that keeps the vineyards thriving. The generous land, rich with minerals and rigorously maintained under certified organic management, gives character to the grapes. The land, with luscious forests and biodiversity, is the ideal place for farm.

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