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The name of these vineyards has an enchanting, timeless allure. It comes from the ancient Romanesque chapel of Santa Maria de Vallformosa, which is located right next to the winery. In the Catalan language, Vallformosa means “beautiful valley”. Beauty has guided the tradition of the vineyards. Beauty lives in Vallformosa vineyards, among the rosebushes that continue to be cultivated there even today.


The region is privileged, not only because of the natural splendor, but because of the type of soil and climate found there. One hundred years ago, Vallformosa lead the efforts to restore the vineyards after the decimation caused by the arrival of phylloxera, by planting uncontaminated vines. As recognition for the noble undertaking, his Royal Highness King Alphonse XIII himself visited Vallformosa in 1904.


Vallformosa is all around the Penedes region, and it’s in the process of acquiring new farming lands in order to improve the quality of the wines and cavas.

Our land remembers. It has been marked by history through the ages.

In 1927 our predecessor Mr. Florindo Celaya Aranda began producing wine using the traditional methods of those days. This knowledge together with continuous production improvements has been passed down from generation to generation until present day. Bodegas Celaya is still a family owned and run wine cellar and tries its utmost to offer both good quality price relation and service.


Present day In the year 2000 Celaya changed and modernised its installations and is now located on the outskirts of La Roda. At present we are concentrating our marketing efforts on the Worldwide market and hope to get the opportunity to demonstrate our serious business approach and affordable wines.  


Vinedo 300x200 Vineyards throughout our region are selected for their individual characteristics or age and, therefore allow us to produce a range of wines that satisfy most people’s taste or budget. The health and growth of the vines are controlled and well cared for at each stage of pruning, vegative, growth, ripeness and harvest.


Finca Museum came about as the start of the expansion process by Grupo Barón de Ley outside La Rioja region, where it originated. Seeking vine-growing areas where it was possible to maintain the right value for money, the Grupo looked towards the Cigales Appellation of Origin region. Village by village, plaza by plaza, asking all the locals, we finally found a singular vineyard where to build a spectacular winery that today bears the name Finca Museum.

In 1999 we elaborated a test year at an external winery and aged the wine in a former hermitage in Cigales. One year later, the first bottle of Finca Monasterio by Grupo Barón de Ley wine was opened made that year. A new history began.


Nestled in the heart of La Rioja Alta, the winery is crossed by the Camino de Santiago, route of knowledge and culture that has pervaded us a knowhow wine classic, which together with the care of our professionals recognized with great experience make wines that they are hardly forgettable.

We have a selected wine classic range comprising Joven, Crianza, Limited Edition and White branded MILETO. We also produce author wines of a demanding high-end consumer under LIVIUS brand.

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